Skin Savers: Simple DIY Recipes

Mar 30, 12:35 pm
Just ran out of your miracle eye cream? No need to panic. Most of your urgent skincare needs can be whipped up in your very own kitchen! Here are some simple DIY recipes for quick and cheap beauty fixes that won't have you rushing to the mall. Continue reading...

Skin Rules Asian Women Live By

Mar 7, 02:59 pm
It seems there is nothing more important in the beauty world than maintaining a healthy, vibrant complexion. Whether it's lifting, smoothing, filling or tucking, there seems to be an endless number of procedures that offer expensive solutions to our skin Continue reading...

The Skin and Diet Connection

Feb 10, 08:06 pm
he secret to great skin is a great diet. While many dermatologists have been arguing that diet has no effect on your skin’s health, common sense, and well, research suggests otherwise. On an island near Papua New Guinea, where the diet consisted solely of Continue reading...


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